Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Top 5 Washroom Trends

Imagine getting home after a long day of work and stepping into your 'spa-like' bathroom to take a nice long soak. We all want - strike that - NEED our bathrooms to be the escape from a long maddening day. When upgrading your space today, you have a range of choices for tiles, colors and vanities to really turn it into a calm oasis where a glass of wine and soft music is all you need. And maybe a masseuse too! 

So here we rounded up our Top 5 trends  to guide you along in the process and also some of our favorite washrooms/powder rooms.

Today tiles comes in all patterns, prints, colors and texture. No longer are mosaic tiles your only option for washrooms. Graphic prints are making quite the comeback with many options available in single or multi colors, personally I like the two toned options, but you could go cra-zay and pick a bold print if that is what you like. Also this is great way to inject some personality into a tiny space. For those wanting drama consider cladding the entire shower stall in a printed tile turning that into the focal point. For those who want a simpler look consider putting the pattern on the floor only. Check out the range of  printed tiles that we spotted during our various hunts, we practically live in tile shops!

A beautiful graphic or soft print wall paper is a great accent for a small powder room where there is no moisture content. We are huge fans of this enlarged floral wallpaper used by designer Amber Interiors, and love the way she has combined it with a simple round mirror and a vanity with brass legs. The open vanity balances the heavy print and bring a sense of airiness to the space. Good design is all about proportion and balance and when you get that right, boom ! the room just comes together. Anewall is a great source for these gorgeous floral wallpapers.

With washrooms having so many straight lines for eg in the vanity, tiles, vertical walls, etc a round mirror is a great way to bring curves into the room to balance the linear effect. And the bigger the better. Here this delicately gold framed mirror brings much needed contrast and balance to a room that could have ended up cold due to all the marble. Great play with lines and circles - notice the curves in the sconces too, they add to the balance in a subtle way.

Why are floating vanities so popular? for one reason only. They allow light to pass under thereby making the floor expand and the room bigger. Plus its easier to clean underneath too (for you neat freaks!). Some of our favorite floating vanities are from IKEA, they have a wide selection in various finishes and colors. In the Brannigan Gate washroom we remodeled we used the Godmorgon sink in black/brown from Ikea.

Most people put lights above their mirrors in washrooms which is actually the wrong place to put them up as they cast downward light on your face creating shadows in the wrong places. The right place is to have the lights at either side of your face casting a glow in the center. Therefore pendant lights handing on either side of the mirror make sense and they are a stylish option too. Here we mounted lights on either side of the mirror at the Cloverdale Washroom Remodel.

Trends might all seem very chic today but the key is to pick one or two for your space letting that element shine and shine alone. If you feel you are stuck at this point then call us and let us help you out of this design rut. We practically live in tile & furniture shops and Ikea too!

If you liked this post then do check out more of our favorite washrooms here on our Pinterest Boards. And hop over to our website to see some of the WASHROOMS we have remodeled.


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