Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Aberfoyle Antique Market Summer 2016

Our customary trip to Aberfoyle Antique Market always leaves us inspired and motivated. This time we took my sister along too and of course the kids are as much into vintage as we are so it was a happy lot that day! 

Dhiraj and Layla checking out a vintage lucite skateboard. A collection of those beautiful vintage globes would look great in a kids room 

Not sure what they've got there but they were poking around alot. Curious minds ! 
Demijohns, how I love decorating with them. We have around 11 of them and its a collection that is still growing. I use them for staging our remodels so it justifies having so many ! wink ! 

Icecream time 

Two sisters making sweet music at the market, this setting was perfect. Aberfoyle we love you for setting this up.

Of course Coachie has to come along even though its too hot for him.

These brass weighing scales would look great holding some fruit - why go with a traditional fruit bowl when you can think outside the box.

My sister bought a vintage clock and she was absolute thrilled to take back to Dubai.

I fell for this huge arched glass window and think it would look great in a dining room mounted on the wall. I absolute love architectural reclaimed elements like corbels, stained glass windows, arches, etc. and another favorite hunting grounds for us Legacy Salvage building materials where I blogged HERE about one of our visits.

Gnarled wood is so pretty, got a thing for it.

Good gosh ! this chair ! it was all soft and buttery and that leather was just perfect. Where is that million dollars when you need it the most ! 

Vintage maps are great as art, the older the better.

Old trunks would make great coffee tables

Dragon Teeth?!!!

Very cool lizard skeleton
Aberfoyle Antique Market, Brimfield Vintage show, Legacy Salvage.............these places fill our souls.

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