Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Stain in the Glass

I have been, since the past 6 years, moving around three stained glass panels. These were shipped to Dubai  from Bombay, then to Bahrain and finally to Canada. They are the last remaining fragments of what was once 'Carl Villa' - the house that my grandmother lived and passed away in. The house was a family property that sheltered four families. My grandmother lived on the ground level facing North. The house holds a special place for me as I lived there with my grandparents for a couple of years as a child. After that we (my brother & I) passed by every morning on the way to school to greet my grandparents and stopped by after school for lunch before journeying onward to Bandra and home.

When the house was finally sold to developers and the building was being demolished, I convinced my mother to save the stained glass panels for me. It took a lot of doing, but the carpenter managed to get them out in one piece.

We decided not to have the units refinished as they so have much history. Every layer of paint probably contains volumes of stories about the good and bad times in Carl Villa. It also probably contains lead!!!!

So. They've been sitting in our crawl space, while we've tried to figure out the best place for them to go. This evening Lynda played around with some newspaper templates and we agreed on a suitable location. On account of the weight of the panel, I had to go with a sturdier method of hanging it on the wall than just D hooks or wire.

I ripped a piece of 3/4" ply and ripped it again down the center at a 35 degree angle. The angle was not so important, I just needed a mating pair.

Here in pictures is the process and outcome.

The template on the wall

Stained Glass panel on the table

1st part of the bracket on the wall

 Mating unit and spacer at the bottom affixed to the panel

 This is how the wall part looks when affixed to the wall

Mating part fixed to the panel

 And dropped in place

 The panel on the wall

Close Up


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  1. Nice! It looks lovely. To give it a more "window"-like effect, you could hook up a daylight flourescent bulb behind the glass, like the one on this link. However, I don't know anything about electrical rewiring or the type of work that would entail...


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