Sunday, April 10, 2011

Basement Build - Drywalled, Mudded, Taped & Primered

I keep forgetting to carry my camera along and did not get pictures of the basement being drywalled and the separate taping and mudding sequences. I drywalled all by myself, but got in the pros for the taping and mudding. My carpal would not look too kindly on the pressure on my wrist. It took almost a week for the  basement to be completely taped, but the result is nothing short of amazing.

I primed soon after, and these are the pictures after the first coat.

West wall and television alcove 

South wall 

East Wall 

North Wall and looking towards the passage and entrance  

Looking into the passage

The passage


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  1. D you need to put up some pics of the completed basement.....

  2. Gorgeous.
    There must be a way to get light behind it.
    LEDs with a diffuser layer of opaque plexi?
    Lights scavenged from scanners?
    Xmas lights?
    Gotta do it.
    Love your blog.


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