Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Confessions of a Leg Man

I'm desperate for a piece of furniture for our entryway. A counter height chest of drawers that will hold our ever growing collection of gloves, scarves, toques, et cetera. In summer, it will be helmets and the additional protection that comes from introducing the offspring to cycling, skateboarding and rollerblading.... It would have legs that would accommodate our winter boots in winter and roller blades in summer.

In an attempt to amalgamate my Champagne taste with our Tap Water budget - and the oddly sized (over 3 feet but not quite 4) space that is our entryway, I am left with the only option available. Do It Yourself.

As if I needed a reason!!!

So inspired by the Edland series at IKEA, I set about gathering my supplies. Only to find out that Queen Anne legs cost upwards of CAD 25.00 per foot. I know you're a Queen, but really, Anne!!!!!!!

So it was off to the various Thrift stores to find some poor piece of furniture to cannibalize. First stop, Goodwill. Ooooh there's a 50% sale on as well... This just gets better. Long story short. Found a table for CAD 10.00. Paid 5.00 at the till. Took it home and took it apart.

Got myself a set of four Queen Anne legs at CAD 1.25 per leg. Add to the fact that they're Oak.

The IKEA Edland Nightstand that is my jumping off point

 My Goodwill find - She (if tables are feminine) has no idea what her future is to be


  1. I am a leg man too, but the legs of my fancy will most certainly not be made of Oak.

    Anyway this fixation of legs with this shape must, in part, have had something to do with the legs of the chairs at Grandmas house, the beds in our house, the dressing (kidney-shaped) table and the seat that went with it, right? The only other curvy legs I knew belonged, in order of curviness, to Jacqui, Charmaine, Karen ....ooh and yes ... Michelle Agustine.

  2. Michelle Augustine was a crazed psycho. If memory serves me well, it was I that goaded you on to kicking her ass to the kerb......


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