Saturday, February 12, 2011

These Two Are Not The Same

So. I really needed a small table tamp to illuminate my workspace, especially my keypad. Lynda had one from her old office, a DHL LED lamp with a built in 4 port hub. It was Red and Yellow. I said 'was' as it is no more. Lynda made it clear that it would not be sharing our desk with us. Hey. I was not to keen on the unit, but it worked.....

Anyways, a trip to the ReStore got me a Retro Fabulous Desk lamp for 50 cents. It worked all right, but it was an incandescent job that ran off a wirewound transformer. Not exactly great for the 'Blue Marble'.

I decided to cannibalize the DHL lamp and transplant it's newer guts into the older lamp. Don't have any pics of the work being done, but it was quick and dirty. But the end result is great. The styling of the older unit is very Mid Century, while the newer one just looked Middle China!!!!

Judge for yourself.

The DHL one looks awful in comparison. 

From the front

Here it is all wired up and connected to the USB port on my laptop. This is my new workstation. Lynda and I share a 10 foot long table. When completed and finished, I'll do more detailed pics.

It's been really long since I last blogged. I've had to get the basement insulated in time for the Eco-energy audit and I have just 8 feet of the far wall of the crawl space left to go. It's not the best place to be working when you have only 4 feet of headroom and you spend most of the time in a crouched position. But there is already a noticeable difference in the temperature in the basement. Next week, I get someone to blow insulation in to the attic and I'm ready for my audit. Should be fun.

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