Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sounds from the Road

So my neighbors (2 houses down) set this out on the sidewalk a day before collection and I wheeled all 30+ kilos of it home. I thought that I could reuse the unit as a subwoofer enclosure that would sit beneath the basement stairs and fire into the room from between the treads. The dust cap appeared torn, but that was not a concern as I would be replacing the bass driver.

That was the plan until I unscrewed the rear on the enclosure to find that the bass driver is a JBL unit.........And then I connected it to the amp and it plays astonishingly well!!!!! The midrange driver is shot on account of it being connected directly to the connector plate with no crossover to filter out the low frequencies.

Did I mention that I love this country???????


  1. And What's the blue colour around the midrange driver? Colour scheme to soothe (smooth) out the missing midrange frequencies I imagine, eh?

  2. Good eye D! Are you or Lyn gona post the drafting table? :)


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