Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sounds from the Road - Part Zwei

Saturday morning sees Dad & myself at the bank to withraw cash for the Garage Sales and what do I find lying on the grass in the parking lot of the bank. A retro Telefunken TR 606 receiver. I did not expect it to work but saw me using the case as a computer case for the Media Server that I have planned to build for the longest time. Unfortunately!!!!!! (or fortunately) it works!!! And well. Oh well. Back to driving the roads with eyes peeled.

Here it is hooked up to my Acoustic Energy's and my Creative MP3 player, looking cool and sounding so good.

And it even has a Midrange control that you do not ever see on modern receivers.

The Tuner section is sort of spinning freely and needs looking at. Otherwise!!!!????


  1. Lemmie dig up one of those old ITT bags which I'm positive Dad has stashed somewhere around here. It should be what, 25ish years old?! Congrats on ANOTHER great find!

  2. Sounds like someone bought this only for the tuner section and now that it is not working it got dumped. I'm assuming ofcourse that the FM in Canada is good.


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