Friday, December 28, 2007

He Schutz - He Scores

Lynda and I had declared a moratorium on blogging after Avi's diagnosis of the tumor. The 18th came soon enough and after being operated on by Dr. Schutz and a team of 5 surgeons, Avi is well, walking, talking and more importantly joking!!!
Dr. Schutz is the Medical Director of the Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga and by the attending surgeons' own admission - among the 5 top neurosurgeons in North America.


  1. Nice title! Good ol' Schutzy. I love his no nonsense bedside manner. "You have a benign tumour but will die in a year if we don't take it out now. Are u ready for it?" And I stupidly asked if I had a choice. Rather crisply, oozing scorn, he replied, "Uuuhhh - No!!!" Gotta love it! Go Schutzy! Now there goes a man with alotta Hart!!

  2. Ofcourse one must declare a moratorium during events like this !!!!


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