Thursday, May 31, 2018

Kids Bedroom Design - Project Compassion Crescent Brampton

We have been working on a number of projects and finally had time to organize four photo shoots last week and shot 9 projects in total. Don't ask me how we achieved all that, the car at all times was filled to the brim with props and accessories and Coach had nowhere to sit poor pug. But we did it! Now we can't wait to share them all with you so here is our first project: a kids bedroom in Brampton, ON. Their reaction when they saw it was priceless - hop over to our  Instagram page to see the video. Absolutely adorable kids! 

The client's brief was to turn this basic bedroom into a cozy retreat for the kids, a space they could sleep and play in and also transition into when they were older. We liked the blue paint color on the walls and decided to keep it and work it into the design. So here are the BEFORE pix below..........
before and after of kids bedroom

makeover of kids bedroom

Project Compassion Crescent
We started off with this cute upholstered bed in light grey and the button detailing and legs on the bed make it seem a perfect fit for the room. A chunky book shelf to hold all their books and toys was added to one side of the room, while watercolor grey gingham drapes lined the other wall and hid a small window from sight.
modern kids bedroom
These cute animal heads were added on the two walls in keeping with the animal theme. And lots of different shapes and geometrics were added through the polka dot rug, gingham drapes, plaid ottomans and striped bedlinen.
interior decor for kids bedroom

text board in kids bedroom

animal heads in kids bedroom
Cute yellow batman wanna-be lights were added to the bedside tables. The kids can make lil card cut outs and stick them on the lights to project their own custom images - kinda like the bat signal. And we used IKEA chest of drawers for storage options as opposed to a night stand. Great idea for when you need more storage.
kids bedroom furniture

ottomans plaid blue

childs bedroom decorate

ideas for kids bedroom

fox art

Cute wire baskets were added to hold the kids large book collection with more black bins at the bottom to hide the extra toys. A cute woven basket was added to one corner to hold their stuffed toy collection.

interior decorate kids bedroom
To say the kids were overjoyed was an understatement. Such a pleasure putting this room together for them, we absolutely enjoyed it and seeing their sweet faces on reveal day was the icing on the cake. We love lil' clients.

Special thanks to our lovely clients for giving us this opportunity. We know we say this often but we really are blessed to work with some amazing people who open their hearts and homes to us.

A huge shout out to our photographer Jerson for being so patient with me, and entertaining all my requests. 

Design by Wilde North Interiors

The other projects we shot are 2 luxury washrooms, 1 home office, 1 basement with kitchenette & washroom and will be revealing these projects in the coming weeks. Stay tuned on our Instagram that gets the first sneak peeks or our website below.


Big hugs
Dhiraj & Lynda

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