Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Interior Design Show Toronto 2018 (IDS)

We eagerly await the annual Interior Design Show Toronto and this year too it did not disappoint. The IDS is Canada's premier showcase of new products and furniture, Super Star Designers and Avant -Garde concepts from North America and beyond. This year we took our daughters along and they enjoyed it just as much. 

While there are many products that impressed us our Top 3 favorites would have to be the wall mounted linear drains for luxury washrooms by Zitta, the eclectic wallpaper collection by Fine & Dandy Co. and the stunning modern custom lighting by Mathew McCormick.

First up were the lighting booths with Mathew McCormicks custom collection simply blowing us away. This one here with the ovals and ball light allude to a 'mother holding a child' being my favorite I love how he has used gold and copper to create these one of a kind pieces where the light is entrancing and the play of shadows on the walls is an art display in itself.
Designed by Mathew McCormick

Designed by Mathew McCormick at South Hill Home

The futuristic lights by Design Workshop Architects Inc for IDS

3D printed state of the art lights

3D printed state of the art lights by Decimal Made

Loved this Art Deco collection
While I was checking out lighting Dhiraj was focused on the new bath products in the market. He has a number of luxury washrooms in the pipeline and wants to offer our clients the best options out there. 
Ready to install niches that can be tiled over

Anodized black aluminum shower enclosure by Zitta

Linear drains that are now mounted on the wall instead of the floor, by Zitta

Always looking at the best options for his bars

Loving this rippled water rug by W. Studio Carpets

Loving the gold barn door hardware, reminds us of the barn door we installed at Project Tapestry Lane Living room

At the Mobilia booth with my baby girl

Checking out the kitchen designed by Sarah Richardson and loving her pastel wallpaper

Voila - hidden hinges! Sugastune hidden hinges, allow for hidden doors in libraries or to your secret lair

Gorgeous papers & products by Bettencourt Manor

Loving the eclectic wall paper collection by the talented trio of ladies at Fine & Dandy Co.

Loved the entire furniture and lighting collection designed by Hollis & Morris. This modern take on the farmhouse table with the rose gold detail is so impressive. Rose Gold is very much here to stay people, saw it repeated multiple times on furniture and finishes

That's Layla feeling up the ball of ice on the Caesarstone display

One of the booths was promoting their grand pianos and so our Aaliyah gave it a try. Now she wants one and I might have to sell off both my kidneys and a lung for it.

We look forward to the IDS every year and are so very glad our girls enjoyed it just as much. The show left us enlightened and educated on the innovative products hitting up the market, allowing us to offer a better service and options to our valued clients. Should you be looking for anything in particular or preparing for a renovation do give us a shout, we would love to be of assistance anyway we can.

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