Friday, September 1, 2017

Project Montgomery Walk In Wine Cellar Makeover

Modern bar & Walk in wine cellar
In addition to the Montgomery bar we also gave the adjoining wine cellar a much needed facelift. The old door closed off the view to the wine cellar and did not match the modern design of the new bar. The basement also received a fresh coat of paint to tie it into the overall look of the space. The client requested a solution for closing off the home gym from the TV room and we proposed these modern aluminium sliding doors which worked out perfectly.
The door closed off the view to the wine cellar and did not make much of a statement
Simple wooden racking was in much need of a change

A stunning glass door replaced the old one allowing a visual of the client's impressive wine collection and opening up the space.

'Label forward' wine shelving was requested by the client 

We added a floating shelf for clients implements

A stunning ceiling LED light was sourced to match the waves of the pegs

The entire basement was painted this beautiful shade of grey and sliding doors were added to close off the view to the home gym

Home Gym

See more pics of this stunning bar on our website where we reveal the details that went into making this modern bar unique and pretty special.

Special thanks to the key people who helped us make this project come to life: Interior Improvements with Peygran Leveling System for the tile work. 2B Wired Inc for the electricals, Brendan Coutinho from BHC painting for paint, Kurt Judd for his tireless hours assisting us on this build and Ana Sofa of Real Media Inc for the amazing photography. It truly does take a village.....

Follow along on INSTAGRAM the progress we are making on Project Jopling and Project Nova Scotia where we are building some more sexy modern bars for new clients. 

Dhiraj & Lynda

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