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Interior Design Show Toronto 2017

Interior Design Show 2017
If there is one show we eagerly await every year it is the Interior Design Show Toronto and this year too we were not disappointed. The IDS is Canada's premier showcase of new products and furniture, super star designers and avant-garde concepts from North America and beyond.

We found the show brought together some very talented designers & products, and this year the booths were definitely more interactive where we got to paint a huge 'paint-by-number' mural at the Premier Paints booth (see pics below) and take selfies with the high tech revolving light of the Toronto skyline below.

While there were many products that impressed us our Top 3 favorites would have to be the Nika Zupanc chairs collection, the Gweilo lights and the DVX faucet featured below. Check out more of what caught our attention here below:

ids with dhiraj and lynda
See the video of this revolving light behind us on our Instagram HERE
The ultimate luxury is sitting on a gold and velvet chair and Nika Zupanc got that right with her collection of Stay chairs below. The delicate gold structure paired with the soft velvets makes them seem like jewelry in the room.

by nika zupanc
Stay Chairs collection designed by Nika Zupanc retailed at South Hill Home

jewelery box by nika zupanc

Gweilo is a new type of lighting that transforms the light source itself. Thin sheets of etched acrylic are carefully molded into a beautiful and dynamic sculpture. The sheets are then edge lit by a strip LED which pick on the etchings in the on the surface of the sheets. Each unit is hand sculpted by an artist in its hot elastic state, allowing for infinite possibility in the shape, size and detail of the finished object. The interactive hot booth even allowed for buyers to shape their own lights at the exhibition.

leds in molten plastic

gweilo lights at ids

The first ever of its kind laser printed faucet by DVX Canada had these intricate details in a matrix pattern. The water travels through the lattice matrix, eventually reaching the top. Retailing only at CAD 18,000 I was happy just touching it.

laser printed faucet

The Cocoon booth featured glamorous hardware and custom cabinetry in any shape, size or color. 
cocoon hardware

cabinet hardware

Exquisite tiles from Surfaces Co. had that retro vibe we love so much, with the white and gold graphic ones being my favorite.
glam tile

retro tile

gold white tile

Funky furniture by independent artists
accent table

funky chair
While there we were checking out various options for the multiple custom bars we are designing & building this year. We thought these beautiful industrial tables would make great walk up bar solutions plus they come in any color required.

industrial table

fireman table

Dhiraj checking out various wall finishes that ranged from plaster to faux croc for the bar fronts. We have designed bars with glass fronts, onyx panels and encaustic tiles but like true creatives are itching to try out more options to give our clients a truly unique product.

wall finishes in plaster

laser cut jali
Jali options that can be backlit for different options

cnc molding
Exquisite molding for bar fronts

ceiling molding

One of my personal favorites  was the furniture designed by Janette Ewen for Mobilia. The 60s vibe and retro lines appealed to my vintage self and of course all the gold finishes.

janette ewen

coffee table with accent stools

 For anyone renovating their kitchens or washrooms here is a range of new and funky fittings hitting the market.
faucet in any color
Faucets in any color

tiny round sink
Tiny sink for that hard to reach corner

gold glam sink
Glam sinks for the Zsa Zsa Gabor in you

hammered metal sink
Hammered silver and copper sinks

hammered metal tub

modern tub

While I seemed to gravitate towards the bathroom fittings Dhiraj was checking out wine rack options for the multiple bars and wine cellars we got lined up this year. 

wine pegs

wine rack

wine cellar

wine display

semi handmade doors for ikea cabinets
Custom door fronts by Semi Handmade for any Ikea cabinet.
This is a great option for when you want a custom color on your cabinet front.

statement lighting
Exquisite lighting by Light Maker Studio, this has been one of my favorites since last year. The branch like extensions with slender lights at the tips makes this a glamorous yet delicate option for a dining space.

chandelier gold
Here we are checking out lighting options as we are curating 6 lighting fixtures at the Dancing Waters project where we are completing the Interior Design & Decor for the entire main level which inlcudes the Foyer, Lounge, Library, Dining, Living room and Master Bedroom on the Upper level. Follow along for the big reveal next month.
Having fun at the Premier Paints booth with the 'paint-by-number' interactive mural. Those cute kids were doing a way better job than us.
paint by number

premier paints
So glad we made it to the show (very nearly didn't as I had to rush back for a client meeting) and will definitely attend every year. The show left us enlightened and more educated on the new and innovative products hitting up the market, allowing us to offer a better service and options to our valued clients.


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Thank you & Big Hugs
Dhiraj & Lynda

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