Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pit Stop: Tile Style

We are currently working on two washroom / powder room remodels and have been checking out a lot of tile options. We stopped by a couple of our favourite retailers and thought I would share with you some of the unique designs that caught our eye and what`s trending in the Tile Style world.

This is me at Peel Tile me feeling up the encaustic tiles. Encaustic tiles are all over Pinterest right now and they make for a great shot of pattern in your back splash or if you're bold enough, for your entire kitchen floor. Cement / Encaustic tiles have made a resurgence lately and while they do look amazing, it would be wise to make sure they match the style of your home / decor for it to have a lasting look.

At Creekside Tile, D showing off this over-sized encaustic tile that we both fell in love with. We were spoilt for choice at Creekside Tile and while their prices are steeper than average their options were very unique with most of their tiles being hand made. We first spotted them at the IDS Toronto 2016 show last month where they featured more of the above cement tiles and some glamorous gold glitter grout.  Check out the video of the glitter grout on black tile HERE on my instagram. And be sure to follow me on Instagram where I share daily design tips and inspiration.

I envision one of these pretty mosaic tiles encasing an entire shower cubicle for a very feminine and elegant wash room.  

Great as an accent to an all marble / white powder room.

Arabesque tiles but over sized and in a beautiful neutral palette with the additional beveled detail.

This pretty blue tile reminded of delicate lace and the shade of blue is one of the prettiest I have seen, great for an all white washroom or kitchen.

This graphic black and white collection is something I would put on a kitchen floor to go with a modern farmhouse design scheme.

A definite show stopper was this silvery meshed look tile that would look great on an accent or fireplace wall. 

We also stopped by Factory Tile Depot as we were looking for field tiles of which they had many options, even as large as 36 x 48 inches. The larger the tile, the less the grout lines making a room feel more expansive.

A unique hexagon encaustic tile

Patterned wood textured tiles

Rad options for a kids room - Layla absolutely loved these ! 

And this one actually had the lace imprint, so beautiful and in classic white too

Another option for a shower stall encasing, this was a mosaic print on a large format tile

There a zillion choices out there (other than beige) to really make your utility rooms sing. A powder room is a tiny space where you can splurge on tile and accessories turning it into a glamorous haven. Check out some of the powder rooms we have built HERE and give us a shout if you need a complete washroom makeover !


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