Saturday, September 12, 2015

Royal Mail New Release - Star Wars - The frikken Force frikken Awakens (What the Hell took you so long???)

So, Summer's behind us, and while today's weather would make it feel like we're somewhere in the middle of Fall, I've been assured by Frankie Flowers, that this is merely a small dip in temps. He's been wrong before, so.......

And while it looks like I've not been busy over summer, I assure you that I have. It's just that I've agreed with my current customer to hold out on the pictures till the final reveal. This one is going to be good. Just you wait.

I was intimated this morning of Royal Mail's upcoming Philatelic release to commemorate the latest Star Wars installment in December. Needless to say, I had a mild Nerdattack, followed by a Fangasm, followed by me frantically pulling out my credit cards and throwing them at the Royal Mail website..... Take my money!!!!!

Anyhoo, after coming to the realistaion that I do not have money, I chose 4 first day covers, covering the characters and the vehicles. They also have issues that are framed, have commerative coins and single issue stamp panels, priced higher than I am willing to spend. This one will sell out, and soon.

Like, Pre-Order now. What you waiting for??? 

The Vehicles

John Boyega plas Finn, a redeemed First Order Stormtrooper

Daisy Ridley plays Rey

Adam Driver plays Kylo Ren

A Stormtrooper 

 Empreror Palpatine

Boba Fett

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Harrison Ford

Luke Skywalker

Darth Vader

Carrie Fisher


Dhiraj D'Souza

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