Monday, July 6, 2015

Wilde North Fan Club

One of our clients complained about how hot it got in the basements they were invited to with all the dancing, even in winter. I was tasked with coming up with a solution to add fans into the space, albeit unobtrusive. 

This basement is the entertainment area for this family and hosting large numbers of revelers on weekends is a regular event in this home. To circumvent the build up of heat with large numbers of people we installed concealed fans in the bulk heads. They make a huge difference to the room temperature leaving the space cool and at the right partay temperature!

We tried out multiple fans from various suppliers until we found one that moved a large volume of air as well as one that could be controlled remotely.

Custom grilles were manufactured to fit over the units and were chosen for their airflow capabilities and were yet to be painted to match and blend with the walls at the time that these images were captured.

See more of our work at Wilde North.

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