Monday, June 8, 2015

Foyer Summer Makeover

While my foyer looked very cool with the rustic bench and faux fur rug we were desperate for a storage solution for some time now - a place for the kids to keep all their single gloves and lost scarves, so we decided to change it up last month. I found an Ikea dresser on Craigslist for $50, one we've actually been eyeing as it is the perfect size for our foyer. This particular design 'EDLAND' is out of production so imagine my joy when I found it on good ole' Craigslist.

I wanted a lamp in the space to have warm ambient light to welcome my guests. We found a cool ceramic base at a thrift store. It was an ugly peach colour and I decided to spray it a punchy coral. Added a beautiful printed shade from Target and it was complete. Additional accessories like the Churchill bust picked up at a Pinery Flea market, a pot for the keys and a tray for the mail - all found at our local Goodwill, were added to pretty up the space. And I left my cast iron hat rack in place.

The challenges we faced with this space was the lighting. The only available electrical outlet was the closet switch. Unfortunately this was an end of run of switch. This means that there was no neutral present. We had to draw power from the crawl space. We brought the power to a dimmer which then controls the outlet into which any lamp can be plugged. And let there be light ! 

So happy with my foyer  makeover and it makes quite the impact with my guests !

See pics and details of the initial look of the foyer HERE.



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