Sunday, January 19, 2014

Random Things and Glaaves for Kissing!!!!

It was a crazy, mad 2013 and blogging was the very last thing on my mind!!

I went from one large project to the other, realizing a little bit late into the project that the best things that complement the 'after' pictures are the 'before' ones.....

We had family visiting from Spring through Fall. Seven family members in total, three weddings and a whole lot of outings... Getting home in time took precedence over getting the pictures. Something I regret now as some of the projects were a sea change from their original state.


I finally got back to my on and off washroom project this weekend. I slapped on the drywall and threw on the first coat of setting compound. I will be putting on the subsequent finish coats through the week.

All seams and screw holes covered with 90 minute sheetrock. The setting compound strengthens the joints and does not shrink like regular drywall compound. Here's a tip I got from watching the pros at work. Add a few drops of dish washing liquid to the mix to enable the mix to flow smoothly on the wall.

This is looking in from the door. The available space for the vanity is 24.5". I plan on putting a wall hanging sink at 39" high instead of the standard 32". This is more comfortable for adults and grown kids.

The toilet rough in was set by my plumber a year ago after I had tiled the floor. The sequence is slightly in reverse to how washrooms are normally built. Not sure why I did it this way, but I suppose I did what I did when I could do it. 

Looking in to the shower stall. I got this unit from Rona at a great deal as it was a display piece. Almost CAD 500.00 off retail.

I've learned so much more since I started building this washroom. I would've done things quite differently now, armed with the information that I now possess. But I will make it look good.

That's not hubris, but merely an inability to do a crap job!!!!

On another note, I stepped into the local Dollarama to buy a pair of vinyl gloves. I wanted to slip them under my regular gloves as I was to hand mix a batch of Deck-Mud for a 40 x 40 shower base.

I located an associate and asked where I could find vinyl or latex gloves. He looked at me and in a fairly thick accent said "Aisle 9, glaaves for kissing!". I was quite sure that something was truly lost in our mutual translations, and I reiterated my need. "I'm looking for any thin waterproof gloves that I can wear under my regular gloves". I was fairly adept at kissing, and fathomed a guess that wearing gloves while kissing might be a new fetish of some sort.

He looked at me, perplexed at my apparent stupidity and stated once more.

"Aisle 9. Glaaves for kissing, wassing, cleaning."

Ah!!! Kitchen gloves. Thank You!!!!! 


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