Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quick Update

Forgive me readers for I have not blogged!!!
It's been 2 months since my last post.

Wow Summer really took us by storm this year. And yet I feel that we managed to accomplish a fair amount. The girls did an entire season of soccer just missing a game apiece, upped two levels in swimming and maintained their piano schedule without missing a heartbeat.

Thanks to Karl and Elva, we went from camping virgins to veterans in one season. And boy did we enjoy that!!! We were to go for yet another trip before the start of school, but pulled out - and what luck. It was cold and rainy the entire weekend. The best part - sitting by the campfire after Lynda and the girls had retired to the tent. Just me under the stars reading!! Bliss!!

On the home front, the laundry alcove was completed, the machines installed, plumbed, vented and were being used for the past month. No complains, leaks or electrocutions were experienced. Pictures will follow.

Mike and I redid the entire plumbing stack at the rear, pushing it close to the wall and making provisions for the relocated water heater. We moved the water heater, reconfigured the flue and restarted the unit. Pictures and a separate post to follow.

On the main level, we had removed the carpet in July. The thin strip oak hardwood beneath the underlay was thankfully in fantastic condition. Next I pulled out the walls that the PO had covered in popcorn (acoustic texture). With the walls out, I had the chance to rewire the hallway lighting, effectively separating the outside lights and running one on an automated timed. I also wired in sconces on the interior wall, installed a provision for a future dated central vacuum, installed provisions for cable, phone and data near the existing power sockets. Unfortunately nowhere in Canada can I get Decora inserts for Keystone jacks. That will have to be ordered in from Parts ExpressThe actual inserts will be ordered from Monoprice.

I've also removed the popcorn from the ceiling and am in the process of smoothening out the surface. Finally, the cutout between the kitchen and the living room it slated to become a proper opening. More on that in another post.

And finally....

Coach is one year old today.

Happy Birthday Coach!!!!!

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  1. About time we got a post ;).... Now we need some pics of all the work that is done.


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