Saturday, May 8, 2010

Washroom & Laundry Room Build - Part 8 - Plumb Crazy

I just finished getting the laundry plumbed in courtesy of my plumber of choice and Brampton historian Mike Billings. I had Mike over initially and detailed to him exactly what I wanted. To which he replied - there's an easy way and there's a difficult way, and what you want does not fall into either of those categories. But I got what I wanted anyways. Since I was closing off access to the main shut off valve in the house, I decided to relocate the valve to somewhere more accessible, and since the laundry pair would be in an alcove, I wanted the shutoff valves to the hot and cold to be just as easily accessible. I installed full bore valves so as to not compromise flow. So here's where I am with my laundry installation.

Mike wanted a picture as he's never done something like this in his entire career.

The laundry outlets. I chose screw on nipples as they provide me with options. Plus IMO it's the better way to go.

The alcove framed. Now that the plumbing is done, I will do some cross bracing and the electrical work before drywalling and painting.

So. There's a reason why I referred to Mike as Brampton's historian. He always regales me with tales of work that he's done in both old and new Brampton. But this one was probably the best I've heard. While driving him after work, I noticed that T&A's on Queen street was closed and the premises up for sale. Mike informed me that the owner had passed away last summer and a takeover plan had fallen through. Then he asked me what T&A's stood for. The obvious - I replied. But according to Mike that's not what's registered at the Brampton Board of Trade. So here's the logo. You tell me what you think it stands for and then scroll below for the official registered name.....

T&A's Logo

T&A stands for Teamwork and Attitude!!!! But you guessed that already didn't you ?????

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