Friday, May 29, 2009

Curb Appeal - Part 1

So - Lynda and I were finally fed up of the way the Blue Spruce has managed to kill off all the grass from beneath it. This is on account of the falling needles turning the soil acidic. My initial solution for this space was to widen the circle and then cover the area with mulch.

However last Sunday while browsing through some old scans of our once favourite Domino, we happened upon a layout that was truly us. This involved removing the grass directly in front of the door, extending the porch till the end of the house, dropping in pressure treated planters flush with the soil, and covering the areas with various mulches.

We really got a lot of work done on Sunday and Monday and after that it was rain, rain, rain and more rain. Hopefully we get started back on this by the weekend. Here's a basic rendering of what we envision it to look like on completion.

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