Sunday, December 7, 2008

Skating at Gage Park

Gage Park officially opened it's outdoor Skating Rink on the 2nd of December with the Winterlights Celebration and we were down there to celebrate after collecting Lynda from work.

It was cold and we were all bundled up. I did not carry my skate and it was a good thing that I did not. No use in seeing a grown man bumbling along on the ice amidst groups of well honed skaters. The girls enjoyed themselves so much that I had to take them to the Park yesterday as well. In the midst of a blizzard!!!!

It's all fun though. And Layla is actually managing to skate without holding the rails.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but it was dark and all I had was the P&S and no tripod.

Oh. We did get to see the Zamboni doing 180's on the ice. That in itself was worth being off the ice while the Zamboni resurfaced the rink.

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  1. How come no birthday blog today, birthday boy ???


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