Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shed Build Diary - 8.01

With rain expected tonight and tomorrow, this evening was a frantic rush to tarp off the roof and sides. I had asked Lynda to be around as I would be working on the roof of the shed. She came out all ready to do work but I just needed her to be around to call 911 if I happened to fall off the roof. After a while she got tired of waiting around and decided to water the plants. 'Let me know if you fall' she advised. I expect to scream as I fall was my retort.

Anyhoo. Work was done without incident. Layla was up and down the ladder assisting and hoping that I would invite her on the roof. NOT!!!


  1. Is it only me that has noticed the 'fall' is only 6 feet....!!! anyhoo you didn't fall and the shed is looking cool! nice and cozy....just the right size for a studio...hmmmm! I wonder ifffff....

  2. ..And we are wondering iffff.. too. Hey Raj..!?


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