Wednesday, March 26, 2008

'Achtung!', 'Gott in Himmel!', 'Donner und Blitzen!' - 'Die! Englischer Schweinhund'

While trolling Amazon, I had come across "The Dirty Dozen" way back in 2006. Thinking it to be just a reissued anthology of old comics, I gave it a pass. Until I chanced upon the book itself in Chapters up on Bovaird Drive.

Seeing, as they say is believing.

The book itself is simply amazing. At 25% larger than the original comics and at 700+ pages, it was a must have. Especially for those who spent most of their childhood into the teens watching the Pommies, Yanks and Ozzies trash Jerry!

The book is categorised as a paperback, but truly is constructed like a hardcover. The entire book is section bound. That obviates pages deciding to detach themselves from the book. Best of all.... It's printed and bound in India!

As I was already picking up 'Airman', I passed on the two issues that Chapters had in the stores at a discounted price. However having received the all clear from Lynda, I was there in a flash and so starts a collection..........


  1. "....Und Comet und Cupid! ....und Dasher und Prancer!!"
    Yes.., brings back memories of Uncle Bobby's bedroom cupboard on which all the war "graphic Novels" (comics to the lay man) were stored. Good old Uncle Bobby Dango - who's house was full of comics and other interesting stuff. And there was Mario too, but that's a whole different story

  2. Methinks that Mario was the "other interesting stuff"


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