Saturday, November 10, 2007

Truly 'Cordless'

I'm back! No explanations for my brief departure. Been busy. Doing things!!!

So I got myself this cordless wonder that has 4 handsets enabling us to have extensions all over and more importantly without running wires all over the place. Unfortunately the main unit needed the incomer from the phone line as well as the power from the transformer. And it looked something like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would not fly. So I set about making the phone truly cordless. The phone line was already run from the basement to the wall jack on which the phone sat. All I had to do was run the power line through the floor and up to the wall jack. After putting it off for a while, I realised that the phone line in place was a 2 pair, with just one pair utilised for the phone. I then proceeded to chop up the transformer cord in half, splice one end to the top two spare wires and the transformer with cord down in the crawl space. Put it all back together, and Lo and Behold - 'Cordless' Cordless Phone!!!!!

It's a good thing!

Measuring Output Voltage across the spare wires. Unsure what 1 Volt can actually do!

Wires stripped and ready

Jack hanging out of the Wall Plate (Apologies to Bauer)

Power socket in the crawl space for the PSU. Telephone line is visible going through the floor.


  1. For a cordless phone there sure are alot of wires involved..

  2. Your comment belies how 'wired' you really are!!!


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