Monday, April 2, 2007

Vintage Radio Media Jukebox

I've decided that it no longer makes any sense to hold on to my 400 CD player. ever since I moved to Bahrain, I've not really had the time nor the inclination to load the unit up. It worse now as I have 400+ Cds.

I flirted with a Rack Mount Player and even had Lynda carry a 4U Rack Mount case from Malaysia. I finally traded in that in for a 320GB drive when I upgraded my PC.

I'm now flirting with the option of integrating a Media Centre within one of these console radios from the Fifties. I located a really neat software at and is amazing as it supports touchscreen operations. I imagine the LCD monitor to be located in the lid and the hardware beneath it.

I already have an old Celeron c/w 512MB Memory on and Intel Motherboard. Now to get the console.

Anyone know someone who has any of these non-functional units lying around??????

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